MIBRO® Polyester


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Polyester is differentiated from the other synthetic rope types by its low stretch characteristics, excellent abrasion resistance, and only slightly lower strength-to-weight ratio when compared to Nylon. Due to its low stretch characteristics, Polyester cannot absorb shock loads very efficiently. It will not absorb water which creates a lightweight material when used outdoors around water applications or during rain. It also has excellent ultraviolet (UV) light resistance, so it is popular for extended outdoor uses, like clotheslines, flagpole rope and boating.

Warning: Do not use for overhead lifting, support of human weight or athletic equipment, Do not exceed safe working load detailed on the package. Shock loads (stress, jerk) can reduce working loads by as much as 33%. Never stand in line with ropes under tension; rope (especially nylon) may recoil or snap back. Knots reduce rope strength by 40%. Replace the rope if there are signs of wear, such as broken fibers.

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