GE Sealants Advanced Silicone 2® Window & Door Sealant 10.1 Oz. White (10.1 Oz., White)

GE Sealants

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Advanced Silicone 2 Window & Door sealant is a high-performance, 100% silicone and 100% weatherproof sealant formulated to protect areas susceptible to harsh weather. These areas include windows, doors, siding, trim, molding, baseboards, vents, basements, attics and around wires and pipes. Its 30-minute rain-ready formula offers 40% more flexibility than Class 25 sealants and is 5X stronger than Silicone 1® sealant. In addition, it has 10-year mold-free product protection to help resist mold and mildew growth. Backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Adheres to: most metals & woods, aluminum, composites, brick, stone, stucco, masonry, cement board, glass, ceramic & porcelain tile, drywall, plaster, vinyl siding, PVC, fiberglass & painted surfaces

100% silicone
100% weatherproof
10-year mold-free product protection†
Meets ASTM C-920, Class 35
40% more flexibility than Class 25 sealants†
30-minute rain-ready†
Shrink & crack-proof
Resists UV degradation
Lifetime guarantee†
Neutral curing with low odor

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